Affinity Photography specialises in weddings, newborn and family portraits; corporate events and headshot images.  All photography is done on location – either at your home, a park, beach, alleyway, or any of the hundreds of fabulous places around Victoria.

“I’m in love with photography and the way it captures something so unique to have a wonderful memory of a very special time.  I have had the honour of photographing at some of the most amazing times in peoples lives – their weddings, within days of having a newborn home at last, priceless family gatherings where siblings haven’t seen each other for years and are meeting new members of their family, and many more fantastic times. 

I’m amazed when I remember that I’ve been a professional photographer for over a decade!  Time certainly flys when you’re having fun.  It feels like such a short time ago that I picked up my first SLR and fell in love with the unique and creative world that I saw through the lens.  My own life has changed in dramatic ways since then but I still get that feeling every time I look through the lens of an SLR

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon”

Kaye xx

Kaye, principle photographer at Affinity Photography