Mar 192013

In beautiful countryside of Eltham, Ballara Reception Centre delivers an all in one service.  From my view as a photographer, this can be good and not so good.  The good is the time for photographs which is not taken up by travelling between the ceremony, locations, to the reception.  The not so good is that often, there is not enough room for beautiful, intimate photographs of the couple and the bridal party and all the guests milling around waiting for the reception to begin.   Ballara has the space.  Whenever I’ve photographed at Ballara it’s been easy to move from their on-site chapel, to my favourite family formal spot, then gather everyone for a group photograph, and then scoot the bridal party off around the lake with the gazebo and a couple more little spots on the grounds.  Barely noticing that there are more than 100 people just meters away.


Ballara Wedding Photography  Ballara's gazebo on the lake

Ballara wedding 4  Ballara wedding 1