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A Corporate image has evolved.  Gone are stern, aggressive, authoritarian images.  Now customers like to see and learn about a business.  A friendly face shows the world they are dealing with a genuine and approachable person and how that person fits into the business – showing their own passion.  I love browsing a website of somewhere I’m going to do business with, and there’s a personal bio of the ‘team’ – especially of the person I’m going to be dealing with.

Using images throughout your website, on LinkedIn, Facebook, brochures, email signatures, etc, etc are all useful avenues for showing a personal side to your business, helping make it one people would like to contact.

As a photographer, finding the actual confident/friendly/passionate about their business person beneath a nervous smile.  Overcoming the “I hate having my photo taking for these things” is my goal. Nobody is on their own here as I hear that so often, in fact, I would say that’s the first thing clients say to me after hello – 8 times out of 10.  The other times are previous clients updating their look, and it’s all hugs and smiles.  At the end of a corporate portrait session, having versatile images giving your best look is a very valuable and useful business tool.

Shameless business plug – Affinity Photography offers both in studio and location portraits.  Whether you’re after a solo corporate image to use on LinkedIn, website, etc; or a team, environmental look to match with your business’s corporate image, we have quality affordable packages with our very popular subtle retouching for a refined ‘fresh’ look.

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Subtle grey background or your business corporate colour

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Pure white background

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