Oct 232015

How incredibly special is a newborn in the house?  Safe and sound from the hospital, so much to get used to, on so little sleep.  Trusting a photographer to take newborn photography always makes me feel so humbled and honoured.  As a photographer of over 15 years, creating gentle and delicate newborn photography sessions where the utmost care and safety is taken is my priority.

The first time parents of this sweet baby girl had her all ready and waiting for her newborn photography session, warm, fed, and sleepy. Mum & Dad had a special little outfit all ready which was adorable!  The beautiful knitted hat was made by Grandma so had to be included.  One of the blankets was a special present from a friend.  Just as I was about to use my own blanket (the first one had a little accident, which happens often.  I fill the line with washing after each session) the new Dad asked if their gorgeous fluffy, gold cream blanket could be used, always YES!  I really love to include special gifts to make an image truly unique photography session and a beautiful memory for this little girl when she grows up.   I love the way she posed her feet together (I just LOVE baby feet ….)

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Jun 152015

New DSLR and stuck on the auto? Take control and get more from your camera!

Here’s a snippet from Affinity’s Basic DSLR classes

I love looking back on the snaps and video my parents took when I was growing up, to see the holidays and fun we had way back then as a family.

After more than 14 years as a professional photographer and seeing some of the fantastic base level cameras coming onto the market, a couple of years ago I put together a intensive but basic class for Mums and Dads to get a little bit more from their new camera.

You don’t always have a professional photographer by your side to capture these moments but you do have a cracking good camera and it’s time to learn a little more.

Today, I want to share what Camera Exposure means

The technical stuff – camera exposure is the amount of light that enters through your camera to reach the sensor.  It is controlled by the ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings.  If you have your camera set on ‘auto’ you are letting your camera control all this.  You can take matters into your own hands and determine any or all of these to let your camera know how you like your images.  The best exposure in portraits is when the skin look natural.

– Under exposed = too little light
– Over exposed = too much light
Here’s the slide I show to demonstrate this during my basic DSLR courses.  The image on the left has nice exposure for the background but there is not enough light on the baby’s face which is the purpose of the picture;  The middle image shows nice light on the subject which is the main focus; The image on the right doesn’t show the baby’s detail very nicely at all, very blown out!
Camera exposure

Basic DSLR Class – getting better camera exposure


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Apr 092013

What do you get when you get some bubbles, the cutest little fairy, and a keen footballer?  Answer – loads of fun in the park for a family portrait session to remember!  These guys were packed full of energy and ready to go.  I just loved the big brother really looking out for his little sister.


Footy star Portraits with bubbles Big brothers