Sep 292015

When I first met this lovely couple, they told me they wanted their wedding photography in Fitzroy gardens and a late afternoon ceremony at The Pavilion in the gardens.  I was excited.  We all met in the gardens before the ceremony.  I took them to some of my favourite spots for natural and fun photos with couples and wedding photography.  At one point I caught them laughing at my enthusiasm.   They said they could now see why I was excited as I showed them places they didn’t see when they first chose the place they wanted to be married.  The day was simply lovely and the wedding, as they all are, was beautiful.

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  • This wedding was in July 2011
Aug 042015

  • The days are warmer and the evenings are longer – but it can get windy!  I love a veil blowing in the breeze. They can help create some georgeous shots but only if it’s securily pinned on, and not too tight to cause a headache.  Your hairdresser should be able to give you some tips on keeping your veil in place until the reception (when they seem to have served their purpose)
  • Do you have hay fever?  Speak to your florist about your flowers. Maybe consider talking to your doctor about temporary relief for the day (try this beforehand so you know how you’ll react).
  • Daylight savings is on Sunday 4th October 2015 where we turn our clock forward at 2am.  Yep, I’ve seen guests turn up exactly 1 hour late.  If you wedding is on Daylight Savings Sunday, I suggest you mention it in your invitations, just in case.
  • Spring brings lots of events, especially in the city.   Check what else may be happening on the day and let your photographer and drivers know – don’t get stuck in event traffic or roadworks on your way to your favorite location or worse, the ceremony
  • Swap mobile numbers with your photographer and a phone with the bridal party on the day but please remember to switch off during the ceremony – obvious I know but ….
  • Let your suppliers such as flowers, cars, video know of any change in locations.
  • My friends call me the backup queen (batteries, cameras, flash … almost everything!) and I’m a huge fan of having a location backup plan just in case and especially in Melbourne with unpredictable weather.  We’ll chat about having a plan B at your wedding consultation. Of course, I have my brollies & they make for great photos if you’re happy to brave it.
  • You trial you hair and makeup – why not your photography with an engagement portrait session.  I have a wonderful e-session addition we can talk about at your wedding consultation.  I usually recommend we trial a location and get some magical engagement portraits.  Clients have used these images on their invitations and guest books for your wedding day.

* these tips are friendly hints only and not instructions, guarantees, or professional advice

Jan 012013

When I first met Tony & Jess, only a short time before their wedding, we instantly clicked.  The time during our meeting flew as we excitedly chatted about their plans for their unique and special day.  It was quite clear how important it was to them that they were comfortable with their photographer and I was really pleased when they told me just how relaxed they felt with me.  The day arrived and it was just perfect.  The ceremony was one of pure love and commitment.  After the ceremony, we braved the coolness outside to find a glorious sun shining down.  A touch of rain gave us the chance to play with the umbrellas.  When the rain moved on, and the late afternoon sun gave us a beautiful light, we had chance to explore the gardens Parliment Steps.  Handing over their finished album, I was so pleased and proud to have been part of their day.  Thanks so much Tony & Jess!

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